Print On the Road

by Elaine Cappellino

As a child, I spent many summers traveling across the country in the backseat of a car quite often with the windows open getting blown away by the beauty of the landscape. I remember rolling prairies that went on forever into nothingness, miles upon miles of corn fields, majestic mountains with peaks of snow even in the summer and seeing the Pacific Ocean from the PCH. I don’t remember being bored with the journey (even though my brothers still remind me of the family joke: “How long til we get there?” “Three hours, Toots.)” Still looking back, I remember vacations by car as being part of the journey, not just a means to an end.

It seems that often when we travel today, we are on a tight time schedule. “Okay, we have four days off. Get up early. Get where you’re going. Do everything you need to do there. Then drive home.” We forget to take the time to enjoy the journey along the way. I long for a more leisurely way to travel. To take a trip close enough to home that we don’t need an airplane. Close enough to take the time to slow down, take a back road and see the sights along the way.

That’s why I am so excited about the debut of Southern Hospitality – Traveler. We want to help people rediscover a less stressful and not so high powered way to vacation. There is such variety around the Southern states and many places are within a day’s drive. For the most part, you can have breakfast by the ocean and then sleep in the mountains that very night. There is history, culture, architecture, amusement parks, art, sports and natural scenic beauty.

Southern Hospitality – Traveler will highlight the places in our own backyard. It will offer ideas on different types of journeys; to see wondrous examples of nature, relax and play on the beach, hike though the mountains, thrill at amusement parks, enjoy the nightlife of a casino or golf your way through a state. So grab your car keys and head off on an adventure to experience the charm and grace of Southern Hospitality.