Print Friendly People

Don’t you just love friendly people? We were on vacation last week up in Western North Carolina. We weren’t quite way up in the mountains, but at Lake Lure in the foothills. We met a lot of friendly people there who were shining examples of Charm & Grace and Southern Hospitality.

You expect that the person at the check-in desk of the resort to be friendly. And she was. She handled our check-in procedure quickly and efficiently then happily answered questions and offered advice about finding things in the area. In addition to the business though, she also engaged easily in conversation about the charming Christmas décor in the resort. She told us how her young daughter just loved the stuffed bear and would sit on his back to “ride” him. We felt welcomed and at home and looked forward to our stay.

You also expect cashiers and counter help in stores to be friendly. We found a wonderful grocery store in town and were pleasantly surprised and a little excited that they also had a pretty well stocked video rental department. The lady there was as friendly and down-homey as you could ask for. She handled our business efficiently but also asked we were from, what we had done so far and what we might like to see in the area. When she found out my birthday was on New Year’s Eve, she was sure to tell me to come back for a free rental and which local restaurant to go on my birthday that offered the best specialty drinks.

Throughout our week stay in the Hickory Nut Gorge area of North Carolina, we had nothing but friendly servers, most of whom went beyond the mere niceties of business and actually engaged in conversation and offered helpful tips for visitors. As we travel through the Southeastern states for Southern Hospitality Magazine – Traveler, we are looking for places where you can find Charm & Grace. We certainly found them in Lake Lure and Chimney Rock, North Carolina.