Published: February 2010
Martin Grill Gadget  

Hey grilling enthusiasts! I have found a must have for the grill master who thinks they have it all. A grill brush that you will never have to replace. Ever! It’s called the Martin Grill Gadget.

Mr. Andrew Martin invented this U.S. patent approved grilling tool in a small West Tennessee town in 1981 because he didn’t have a tool to clean his grill. The Martin Grill Gadget consists of a solid brass Universal Disc, a steel shaft, a wooden handle, a leather hang, and an acorn nut. The Universal Disc has different size slots which will fit just about any grill. When the grill gadget was designed 20 years ago Mr. Martin didn’t realize that he had something that every grill owner needed.

My husband and I met Mr. Andrew Martin and his wife in 2008 at an annual large local craft show. When we saw what he had and listened to what it did, we were sold. If someone in your family is an ultimate grill master, like my husband, you need one of these. Oftentimes during our cookouts multiple grills are utilized and he appreciates the fact that this Gadget functions on all of his different grill grates.

The Grill Gadget also comes with a lifetime warranty. It will not scratch your grill. There are three different designs of the universal discs to ensure that almost every grill on the market can be cleaned using The Gadget. The Grill Gadget website has a list and will match the discs with grills.

For more information about The Martin Grill Gadget go to and check out this unique and fully functional piece of equipment. You will get a video demo, a detailed description of the product and have the opportunity to order the product online should you so choose. My family has used it for almost a year now and will never buy a wire grill brush again.

The Grill Gadget costs $19.95, will never rust or fall apart on you and comes with a full lifetime guarantee. We even saw the original Grill Gadget. It was still in excellent shape. Check it out!