Published: March 2012
Kiss-U Tissue Tube  

Kiss-U Tissue Tubes are decorative refillable containers that fit in your vehicle cup holder.  Gone are the days of the unsafe practice of searching for a tissue while driving down the road when an allergy attack is upon you or when your child loudly requests one from the back seat.  Amy Davis is the inventor of Kiss-U Tissue Tubes and came up with the idea when she almost got into a car accident trying to answer her child’s request for one.  Several days later her dogs jumped into her vehicle and crushed the brand new box she just bought in preparation for “the next time.”  While trying to clean up the mess she looked at her cup holder and thought “Why can’t this be here?” Then, when she attended MBA classes at Sacred Heart University she was given the assignment of creating a product.  Amy took her idea and ran with it and, within a couple of days, had her product.

Amy admits it was a challenge to get her product into production; it was worth the hard work and she learned a lot about running a business.  First Amy created many prototypes that resulted from testing the product on family, friends and in the local community.  She then had to get a manufacturing company to make her product. At first Amy had to use a manufacturing company overseas to get her product created.  After learning how to communicate with the manufacturers Amy got to work on marketing her product in the United States. 

Amy created her own website and learned how to register herself as a vendor with Walgreens.  As of February, 2011 the Kiss-U Tissue Tube is available in select Walgreens around the country.  If you cannot find the Kiss-U Tissue Tubes in your Walgreens, you can order them online at The Kiss-U Tissue Tubes are sold in sets of two for $7.79.

While traveling over Spring Break, we utilized the Kiss-U Tissue Tube in a car full of five teenagers and I have to say they came in handy.  The girls used the tissues to hold their snacks, wipe their hands when they were done and used them to fix their make-up applications.  I also put the Kiss-U Tube on my desk at work. It fits nicer in my small space and is a nice splash of color.

I highly recommend the Kiss-U Tissue Tube for your vehicle and for your safety.