Published: July 2012
Name Bubbles ® For names that stick ™.  

Name Bubbles ® is a company that specializes in modern and stylish labels for all your needs. These labels are ideal for school children’s items such as backpacks, pencil cases, notebooks, rulers, lunchboxes and thermoses. I have an older child and put one of our labels on her i-pad.

Name Bubbles® are extremely durable and waterproof for your dishwasher or washing machine needs. Just follow the company’s directions of waiting 24-hours before you immerse your item in water.  While testing out this product I enlisted some of my friends for feedback on what they would use their labels for.

One friend has a child in daycare and she would put the labels on her child’s blankee, lunchbox, sippy cup and favorite stuffed animal. Again, be sure to affix the label to the tags of the cloth items for a firm application.

Another friend of mine has a child with allergies and she would use the labels on all of her child’s lunchtime items as well as his backpack and other school items so that the administration would know exactly what to do if he accidentally ingested peanuts. She was excited when I told her about this item and ordered some right away. She even puts them on his sports water bottles in case someone brings a snack for after the game and it has peanuts. What a relief for any parent that has a child with a life-threatening allergy.

Over the summer we did a lot of traveling. We all know that when we stand at the luggage terminal we hope we can spot our suitcase from all the other black ones out there.  This year we had the double bonus of including our Name Bubbles® label with our phone numbers on it to the top of our suitcase. This way if our luggage got lost the airline could contact us when it was found and we could pick our suitcase out rather quickly. Our child found this helpful too when she went to camp and had to dig through a pile of duffle bags to get hers.

Speaking of camp, what an easy task it was this year to label all of her items. Name Bubbles® offers tags small enough to fit in every piece of clothing, on towels, toiletries, etc. and, with them being waterproof there was no worry of them falling off.

As a winner of the iParenting Media Award, Name Bubbles® offers great solutions to all your labeling needs. Check out the items they have for your personal use at or you can place your order over the phone at 866-797-Name (6263).