Published: April 2010
ColcaSac – Cozy Protection for Your Kindle & Other Gadgets  

When I was forwarded an email from by my editor about testing the ColcaSac, I have to admit I was a bit skeptical. I thought how is this thin case is going to protect one of my ultimate gadgets, my Amazon Kindle? Of course, I’m game to try it out. The ColcaSac is handmade in Salt Lake City, Utah; and is made from 18.5 oz of heavy duty hemp canvas in a nice basket weave. It is also thickly lined with a warm cream color 100%-polyester sherpa fleece and then securely closed with a Velcro strip ensuring your electronics safety.

At the first site of my chocolate brown ColcaSac for my Amazon Kindle I thought, Dog hair magnet! and there is no way this will protect my precious Kindle. Wrong! And, wrong!  Having a sixty-five pound Labrador lap-dog, it would be assumed her hairs would find its way into my ColcaSac while I read cozily in front of the fireplace. Of course the fact that the dog and the case match is quite helpful. Also, during this cold winter my psyche oddly found comfort in knowing my Kindle was warm and cozy in it’s ColcaSac as it lay resting in my purse or car as I take it everywhere with me for appointments or while waiting for life’s many delays. The cushion the ColcaSac offers my Kindle provides plenty of protection against my pens, wallet and many odds and ends that find their way into the never ending pit called my purse as well. I did a couple of unplanned drops and, to my relief; the ColcaSac provided plenty of protection there too. Now, I do have the vintage version of the Kindle and sometimes the Next Page button gets hung up on the corner of the ColcaSac when I remove it.  Not too big of a deal if you keep that in mind. However, if you have the newer version of the Kindle, you should be just fine as Amazon re-designed that area of the it.

Another handy feature of the ColcaSac is the front pocket which holds my Droid and a debit card perfectly for the times I only want to carry those items somewhere.

Snap up your ColcaSac soon people! The nifty gadget  is going to be everywhere in the South. Visit to purchase a sleeve for your Motorola Droid, i-pod, i-pad and i-phones, Mac etc. The ColcaSacs come in different colors and patterns. Another HUGE plus! The company is a member of “For the Planet” and donates 1% of all their sales to this cause that purchases lands in environmentally sensitive areas promoting the continued health of our earth. 

Testing the ColcaSac turned out to be rewarding on many levels. It allowed me to bond with my dog more than normal, it gave me an excuse to read more than I already do, and, I learned to not make up my mind until I actually tried the gadget I was testing. 

 The CoclaSac Kindle sleeve costs just $34.95 with free shipping and is a great protector investment for your worthy gadget. Heck, at these great prices ($14.95 and up), the protection it offers your gadgets and with the contribution back to the environment you should consider purchasing a ColcaSac for all of your gadgets!