Published: October 2010
Survivor Woman – In the Woods or at Home  

Camping in the South can happen anytime of the year.  Virginia, North Carolina or South Carolina your better times might be in June or July. Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia or Florida may find you better suited for October to early December. No matter when you decide to camp having the proper equipment is essential to a successful trip.

I will admit when I first met my husband, I was a city slicker. Think South Beach meets Survivor Man. When we camped it was primitive baby! I was told all sorts of horror stories and was a little afraid of what was to come, but I was up for the challenge. I could do this right? Right! So, I painted my nails the perfect shade of Autumn Rust Brown I could find and off to the Suwannee River I went. My entire family was taking bets as to how fast I would be at a hotel. What they didn’t know was that the closest hotel to our site looked like something Norman Bates ran and anyone would rather stay in the woods than there.

To everyone’s surprise, not only did I last… I LOVED IT! And, still love it. Admittedly, as the years have gone some of the comforts I did without back then are now needed. For example, I sleep on a cot now as opposed to a bed of leaves. I’d prefer to have running water available and I have turned in my bulky flash light for my Coghlan’s LED Micro Lantern. The Micro lantern is one of my favorite gadgets to use while camping and for around the house in areas where I don’t have a great light fixture. Measuring just 2 inches tall, this little gal will easily light up my tent and illuminate a 6 foot walking perimeter with ease. Another bonus for this nifty portable light is while attached to your jacket or back pack the light will always be accessible. At home, I have used my Micro Lantern in my attic and closets when hunting for my many holiday decorations. This leads me to my next benefit of this awesome gadget. Along with a safety whistle if you get lost in your attic or in the wilderness, the Micro Lantern has an emergency flashing mode for your friends and family to find you. Battery life for this impressive too: - 25 hours in flashlight mode and 50 hours in flashing. Interested in this affordable product? Check out the link to see where you can purchase it.