Published: November 2010
The Striker for Your Next Camping Trip  

For those of you that read my last blog on the Coghlin’s Mini LED lantern I thought I would continue our camping adventure with the Coghlin’s STRIKER! Being in Survivor woman mode, I decided to test out the second product sent to me for our camping segments. I always love how when you watch a survivor show the host somehow happens to have a flint in his back pocket. Whatever happened to a Bic? I’ll tell you two things that happened to the Bic. One, the Bic introduced the childproofing “hump” to their lighters, and while that is good because I am all about child safety, it is not good when it is cold and damp and windy and one needs to light a fire for some warmth. Your fingers start to fall asleep and you get nothing but inconclusive sparks. And two, the Bic gets wet and won’t work at all in the wild.

I decided to try out my Striker the first cold weekend in north Florida. Now I’ve been camping when it was colder, but as I said in my last blog, I'm older and wiser now so I get out there at the first sign of cold weather as opposed to waiting for arctic camping when you have to sleep in two pairs of long underwear, sweats, browning jacket inside your sleeping bag with a ski mask on. Yes people I have camped like that before. But I digress; camping in early October; mid 40s is a much better way to test out the Striker. 

The Striker is a flint for all campers, hikers, or outdoorsmen around. It is compact, fits nice in your back pack and does not let the humidity of the south affect its strike-ability. The first step to using the striker was to gather my firewood and my kindling of pine needles and pine cones. Then I got comfortable with the striker. Should I strike from above or below? Do I blow on the spark like they do on the show Survivor? I decided to take a frontal attack approach and balled up my kindling and struck once, twice and three times a charm. My pine needles started afire. I put more needles on it then added a pine cone to the cocktail and poof! Fire! I was quiet impressed with the process and in no time at all I had the fire going and we were warming ourselves by it.  

While some of us finalized our sleeping arrangements, preparations were made for dinner and put onto our campfire. Nothing like an aluminum full package of hamburger meat, mushrooms, peppers, onions, potatoes and carrots cooked over the coals of a campfire. But the best part of using the Striker to start our fire… the way we ended our evening around it. My family and I prepared the ultimate s’mores and laughed and talked about our plans for the next day when we’ll rest again around the fire created with the help of the Striker. If you are an avid outdoors person I recommend this product be added to your camping gear. Bring it on hikes with you too as one never knows when they will need a Striker!