Published: May 2011
Ila Wedge Doorstop Alarm – 130 Decibel Alarm for Everyone  

On a trip recently to Gainesville, Florida I utilized my Ila Wedge for my daughter’s room.  I had put her and a friend in a separate room and wanted to make sure they felt safe and I felt safe. Even though we were in the adjoining room I felt better knowing the Ila Wedge had their backs.  So when it came time to tuck them in, I put them in bed, turned on the Ila Wedge then slid it under the door for a night of restful sleep.  I am happy to say it did not go off the entire night. 

When traveling it is nice to know you have a little extra protection in your suitcase. That protection is the Ila Wedge doorstop alarm, and it provides a nice punch of security.  Designed as a wedge it slides under your front door so if it is opened in the night the 130 decibel alarm is sounded and surely will scare off your intruder and wake you up.  The Ila wedge is compact enough to fit in your briefcase, purse or suitcase and comes in purple or pink with butterflies on it.  The Ila Wedge also has a nice rubber bottom to keep it from sliding which adds extra protection from an intruder or can be useful if used as a common doorstop when not in use as an alarm.  

Other ways to use this alarm is in your own apartment or home. Simply buy them for every door that has outside entry and sleep soundly knowing they’ll go off if an intruder decides to come to your home.  This item is also a perfect gift to a high school graduate for use in his or her dorm room, a new college graduate whose job may require travel, a newly-single friend, or senior citizens that want to feel a little safer in their homes.  The Ila Wedge is a perfect gift for males, females, young and old.  

Interested in purchasing one of these for only $19.99? They are available at local gift stores throughout the country or go to or or