Published: July 2011
Gazillion Bubbles Football and Bump-N-Go Bug  

Playing with toys is always a fun way to re-live your childhood and to de-stress from today’s worries.  That is why it is always good to have friends with little ones so you have an excuse to play for a while and not have people look at you funny.  When I received the Gazillion Bubble Football and the Gazillion Bubble Bump-N-Go Bug I knew just who to call, our friends Kelcey and Addison. 

Upon the children’s arrival I showed them the toys and the excitement grew as we opened them together.  First out of the box was the Gazillion Bubble Football.  We received one easy-to-grip football, two trays and a bottle of the Funrise Gazillion Bubble solution.  Into the backyard we all went.  First, I only brought out one tray as I thought the second one was just in case you lost the first one.  As we played Kelcey’s dad said, “It would be better if we had two trays so we could get bubbles going both ways”.  Duh!  I ran inside and got the extra tray, and we were in business.  The bubbles were plentiful and the entertainment factor for the adults and children was equally measured.  This toy is for ages 6 and up. 

The second toy we played with was the Bump-N-Go Bubble Bug.  What a delight this was for four-year old Addison.  The Bug is motorized with the help of three “AA” batteries, has wheels for feet and wings that stay in the upright position.  Under the wings is where you put the bubble solution.  I filled up the bug, had Addison push the button on the back and we watched it go crazy.  Bubbles were flying everywhere as it ran around into different obstacles, bumped, then turned and kept on rolling.  Addison squealed in delight and clapped her hands at the amount of bubbles that came out of the Bug that kept moving around and around.  This toy is for ages 3 and up.

Both of these toys proved to be full on entertainment for children and adults alike.  What I liked about them was the simplicity of old time bubbles combined with a new way to produce them.  The Funrise Gazillion Bubble solution is the only solution that should be used in these toys, as it is the perfect combination to produce the most bubbles that last while playing.  You will find them entertaining and easy to use.  For updated locations to purchase these toys go to: or