Published: September 2011
Go Green Lunchbox  

With school just starting and with more people bringing their lunch to work I decided to find a lunchbox that would be beneficial to the consumer and the environment.  I tracked down the Go Green Lunchbox created by Kim Castner. 

The Go Green Lunchbox is a unique design of an insulated, phthalate-free, polyester carrying case with a food box that is BPA free.  This handy lunchbox is a friend to the environment in its composition as well as helping to reduce the amount of garbage that is reaching our landfills every year.  You will save money too on not having to buy pre-packaged food and drinks or plastic baggies.

When my lunchbox arrived I was delighted with the pattern Kim chose for me. It had several different purses splattered all around.  It is cute and stylish. When you visit you will find an assortment of styles to choose from that will fit anyone’s personality.  The dimensions of the lunchbox are 13” X 8” X 2 ˝ “.

When I opened up the lunchbox I was happy with the dry erase board that is on the flap. Very handy tool for writing sweet notes to your child or a reminder to yourself of something you may need to accomplish that day.  Any dry erase marker will work on it. The lunchbox also comes with a tag to write your name on it in case it is misplaced.

The smartly designed food box contains five food box compartments that offer enough space to store your sandwiches or salads and three side items.  I found them to be roomy enough for all our dietary needs.  They are all sealed with silicone rings that ensure your food will not spill onto one another during transport and contains an eight ounce stainless steel beverage container.  The food box lid locks into place and comes with a freshness lock to help maintain your lunch’s freshness from when you pack it in the morning until you eat it at lunchtime.

The Go Green Lunchbox offers solutions to the environment in its composition and the introduction of the food box to reduce the need for pre-packaged items.  I liked the style of the lunchbox and found its size to be compatible with my carrying needs. I also enjoy how the food is transported freshly and securely.  Order your lunchbox today at They sell for $32.99 plus shipping and handling.