Bellingrath Gardens Has Spring Fever!

The last of the revelers’ beads sail through the air and the big “boom-boom,” (that’s Mardi Gras to our northern neighbors) has rolled out of sight. Replacing the sea of faces along the streets of downtown Mobile, and throughout the county, is an army of pink, white and red azaleas. Spring comes early to Mobile, Alabama’s southernmost county and with it, a sea of delicious fragrance. Flower lovers won’t need to search for nature’s beautiful belles, they’re everywhere! However, there is one destination worth visiting, that’s Bellingrath Gardens and Home.

The Gardens feature 65 acres of sprawling beauty, carefully planned and cultivated with lush grottos, a famous rose garden and a breathtaking butterfly garden. So what’s blooming at Bellingrath this spring? In honor of Mobile, the Azalea City, the Gardens grow and display over 250,000 azaleas every year. Popular varieties of this tropical plant you’ll find are the Formosa, Southern Charm and the popular Pride of Mobile.

Stroll the Great Lawn and take in the floral sites along its sprawling mass of terraces and mini-gardens. You’ll find heavily-flowered hydrangeas in lilac and blue, perky marigolds covering the ground and geraniums hanging everywhere! Regular attendees for spring are Easter lilies, salvia, delphiniums and impatiens. Lining the pathways are dainty forget-me-nots and black-eyed Susans.

Walk across the Bayou Boardwalk on to Mirror Lake and down to the Asian-American Gardens to see the unusual and lovely ornamental flower garden. Take a moment to feed the giant koi, enjoy a cool breeze while sitting at one of the Garden’s many viewing benches.

As if a million blooms weren’t enough reason to come on down, Bellingrath Gardens and Home plays host to many special events. Notable spring festivities are the Annual Festival of Flowers, the Azalea Trail Maid Day and a massive Easter Egg Hunt. The Camellia Classic Car Show and the Mobile Rose Society’s Rose Show are also two local favorites.

Put on your walking shoes and take the self-guided tour through a maze of floral beauty. If you’re just not sure or can’t make the trip, Bellingrath Gardens has graciously supplied a Virtual Tour for flower lovers. Take a virtual trip through some of the Garden’s most celebrated spots.

Bellingrath Gardens and Homes is located 20 miles southwest of Downtown Mobile, 1 hour from the Mississippi Gulf Coast and 6 hours from Atlanta, Georgia. Visitors can also tour the stately home and take a dinner cruise on the Garden’s impressive boat, The Southern Belle.