Disc Golf in My Home Town

I suppose the new definition of making it big as a sport is when you have your own "fantasy league". In this case it's the Fantasy Disc League for disc golf. Surging onto the scene with a cyclonic spin, the number of disc golf courses in the United States numbers about 3000, with 87% of those being free courses. It's not an uncommon occurrence to run into a disc golf course if you happen to visit your local park. At a relatively low investment, cities can install baskets and develop a course providing fun and entertainment for the whole family.

On a recent trip to Thomasville, Georgia, I tried my hand, or should I say wrist, at the skill of disc throwing at McIntyre Park. This is a park I grew up in as a kid. I swung on the swings, slid down the slides, and got my feet wet in the creek that runs right through the middle of it. Many a summer days were spent discovering, playing and just relaxing there. I was glad to see the park was still a popular spot for neighborhood kids to go and spend an afternoon. I was also glad to see that the park was maintained relatively well. The slide is the same slide I remember as I kid. It has a metal-aluminum design and gets quite hot in the summer time. It gets almost "burn your bum hot"; in the summer time. I'm not sure when the disc golf course was installed, but I talked to one enthusiastic, and much better than me; fellow "golfer" who said he comes at least once a week. He went on to say that it's usually "pretty busy." The course is designed with 12 holes. It zigzags through the park; crossing the creek in several areas and has other natural "bunkers". It has several par 3 and par 4 holes. As a beginner to the sport, I was eager to get started. Much to my surprise my disc golf game is, quite similar to my game of golf. A dog leg shot here, a slice there, and a complete miss to finish the round. Who knew throwing a glorified Frisbee could be so demanding? Well, despite my dismal round, I had a fantastic time. I'm drawn to disc golf for the same reason I like regular golf. I love being outdoors. When you walk along the course, it's almost as if you're taking a trail hike at the same time. Parks have that natural feel to them anyway. Throw a sport where you get a little exercise at the same time, and it is what they say in the business, "a win-win."

So on your next travels; be sure to include a few disc golf "clubs" in the bag. If you're in need of a little break and want to spend a fun and free afternoon, check out a local park to see if there's a disc golf course. If you have one of those smart phones, you can even get an "app for that." But again, with over 3 thousand courses nationwide, you are sure to have one near you. Happy Disc Golfing!