Disc Golf Tishomingo Style

I recently spoke with Bill Brekeen, Manager of Tishomingo State Park in northeast Mississippi.  He spoke with a warm southern accent full of gentlemanly charm.  He’s the type person you know who loves his job by the enthusiasm with which he speaks. He manages a state park that has installed three disc golf courses over the last 14 years.  He gave me a description of each course.  “Our first course we designed and constructed was “Chickasaw Trail” in 1998”, he began.  “This is a 20 hole course that is located adjacent to our all-purpose ball field with close proximity to our swimming pool, playground, hiking trails, and a newly added sand volleyball court,” he continued.  “The sport was so popular and well received that we added another course in 2006 “Warrior Ridge” which has 18 holes, and in 2009 “Tushka Run”, also an 18 hole course,” he added.  Disc Golfers can play 56 different of golf at Tishomingo State Park.  Brekeen said, “We are the only state park, to my knowledge, which features three distinct and separate courses.”  “We were able to construct these courses in areas of the park that had not been utilized before, which opened up additional parts of the park for the visiting public to enjoy.” he said.

In 2007, the park hosted the Southern Nationals Amateur Championships and had 132 players participating.  Disc Golf can be played year round and gives the park an off season activity to offer visitors.  It’s a great way to get a little exercise, “making it an excellent lifetime fitness sport.”  For us here at SHM Traveler, it’s the scenery and being outdoors that makes it so fun and enjoyable.

Over the years, Brekeen has seen all type of players.  “Anyone can play and enjoy the sport no matter their age or skill level,” he said.  “I’ve seen folks ranging from school age to old age” [out here].  “We have doctors and attorneys’ playing alongside guys that haven’t been told yet that Woodstock is over.” he said while laughing.  He quickly added, “They come together for a disc golf weekend and get along great with a common goal of competing, having fun, and helping grow the great sport of disc golf.  I don’t think that ‘Steady Ed’ Headrick who formed the PDGA (Professional Disc Golf Association) in 1975; would have ever dreamed that that the sport would grow to what it is today.”

The 15th annual Tishomingo Spring Tourney is scheduled for Saturday March 3rd and Sunday March 4th, 2012.  The Fall Classic Disc Golf Tournament will be in October.  The Chickasaw Disc Golf Club is sponsoring this event and is a Southern National qualifying tournament.  Make your plans now to attend.  For more information or to register, go to Southern National Disc Golf Series’ website.