Callie's Biscuits in South Carolina

Take a mother-daughter team, add in some southern-style biscuits and generously sprinkle in timing, and you have the perfect recipe for success that is known as Callie's Charleston Biscuits.

Based out of Charleston, S.C., Carrie Morey, a self-proclaimed foodie (“I've always been passionate about food.”) couldn't find a way to transform her passionate into a career. So she took another path until the birth of her first child. As a stay-at-home mom, she wanted a creative outlet.

And that outlet presented itself one day as she watched her mom, Callie White, created her famous handmade biscuits.

White, owner of an established catering business, was well-know for her biscuits. In fact, many of her clients wanted to purchase them separately. Yet, she never thought about selling the biscuits, but Morey was prepared to change that.

“When I lived in New York City, I would keep the biscuits in the freezer, take them out and prepare them. And the biscuits still tasted great.”

“I knew people would pay to enjoy this handmade delicacy.”

So in 2005, they launched Callie's Charleston Biscuits. Morey says they started out really small and didn't sell much at the beginning.

So they began to stock up on the biscuits – package them, store and freeze them. Using word-of-mouth, talk them up, then branch out by searching on the Internet for specialty gourmet food shops that would be interested in carrying the biscuits.

Showing some progress, Morey decided to send samples to Food Network and well... both entities knew they had something special.

“When they came to film us, we didn't have a real kitchen,” She recalls. “We pushed ourselves to make a real investment. The biscuits were in 15-20 stores by then. After the UnWrapped episode had aired, we grew.”

And grew they did. Callie's Charleston Biscuits feature six varieties, include country ham biscuits and cocktail ham biscuits. They available in stores across the U.S. as well as online.

However, the creation of the award-wining biscuits has remained the same.

“Everything is done by hand, the mixing, rolling out and cutting. We even grate the Wisconsin sharp cheddar we used in our cheese biscuits.”

“The fixture of handmade biscuits is totally different from those made from a machine. There's no comparison.”

She adds people are completely blown away by the taste and memories associated with homemade biscuits.

“We get calls from people all the time saying how they lost their great-grandmother's biscuit recipe and ours remind them of those.”

  Morey continues, “Biscuits are a comfort food. There's feel of nostalgia when you bite into one. Everyone has a story about biscuits.”

Even though biscuits are the main items. Callie's Charleston Biscuit also features a Pimento cheese spread that's quite the rage as well.

When reflecting back on their success, Morey says it all comes down to the fact they started at the right time.

“We are one of the first different type of food companies to ship handmade products. We're so grateful that we've been so well received.”