Shopping Hot Spots in Gatlinburg, TN

Snuggling in a log cabin and hiking a mountain trail are not the only popular activities in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. Don't forget about the shopping! Like everything in the Smoky Mountains, shopping here takes on a whimsical, country feel. Excited customers jostle happily from store to store, sampling homemade candies, curiously watching an artisan blow glass into cool shapes. Set these activities in against a backdrop of Christmas lights and you will see pure magic!

Visit Gatlinburg, Tennessee but do not neglect shopping--there are at least 500 shops in the area, most within walking distance. Visit the unique Gatlinburg shops and bring home the perfect holiday gift for under the Christmas tree.

Start with specialty shops like The Candle Cottage. Located in The Village on the Parkway Gatlinburg, this is the town's largest and oldest candle shop. Peek at over 150 scented and non-scented candles in many shapes and sizes. Want to buy a bunch of candles? Wholesale purchasing is available too. Honeysuckle and gardenia scents are some of the Cottage's top sellers but seasonal offerings do well too.

At the Gatlin-Burlier Tobacconist, historically-inspired pipes of the Smokies enchant visitors. Touch and hold pipes made from luxurious soapstone or polished woods. Smell and sample four of their tobacco blends like Cades Cove Cavendish, Chimney Smoke, Mellow Moonshine or Mountain Mall Mix. Flavored cigarettes in decorative wooden boxes and tins make the perfect gift for a cigar or cigarette smoker. Stop by the lighter section too for whimsical bear and gun lighters.

Pay homage to the Native American influence of the region. Visit the Little Sparrow Gallery on the Parkway and delight in the intricate dream catchers, chokers and wedding arrows. Ask for prices on replica peace pipes or musical rain sticks. See examples of Horse Hair Pottery or take home a Dream Vessel. Smell the leather goods like native-inspired pouches, belts or bags. Owner Beverly Alleman takes "selling authentic local Cherokee handmade items" seriously!

One of shoppers' favorite Gatlinburg stops is Santa's Claus-et. Christmas shopping brings happiness, regardless of the time of year! At Santa's Claus-et, walk through the shop's extensive ornament section. The shelves are full of gourmet foods including flavored jellies and bread mixes. Find a unique wall hanging, crockery, and everything you need to make your home cozier. A favorite for shoppers is the Black Bear Figurine collection.

Whether shopping for yourself or someone else, you'll find exceptional, distinctive gifts in Gatlinburg.  

Photos by http://press.gatlinburg.com/