Published: November 2014
WoofTrax - Walk for a Dog  

Sadie, courtesy of Michael Nolan

Sadie's ready for a walk.

So is her owner, Michael Nolan, and now - like pet parents everywhere - he can use a new app that lets them help other animals every time they take a stroll.

Free and easy to use, WoofTrax is available for iPhone and Android. Itís a great way to support your favorite animal shelter or rescue group.

All you do is download the app (did I mention itís free?) and choose one of over 4,000 organizations you want to help. The appís sponsors, advertisers, and investors donate money for every person who signs up.

WoofTrax measures how far and how fast you're walking, and there's an option to share with your friends or followers on Facebook and Twitter.

So grab a leash! Put a sweater on your pup, if itís frosty out there. Walking is one of the best exercises you can do for yourself and your dog, whether you've got a pup or a senior, and now every step you take can help make life a little better for our animal companions.

Image courtesy of Michael Nolan, blogging at My Earth Garden