Published: April 2012
Facebook Goes To The Dogs  

Here's something to bark about: Facebook is going to the dogs, with a page designed especially for our canine friends. Dogbook now has 3 million + users, and if you haven't joined yet, there's still room--of course-- for you and your fav pup.

Miss Paws has already uploaded her photos and profile, and she can't wait to try some of the special quizzes and contests that the Facebook team has created just for dogs and their owners. Want to find a dog-friendly park or beach? Check it out on Dogbook. Looking for a special-interest group to join, like canines who love to "dog paddle"? You'll find like-minded friends of the two-legged and four-legged variety here.

Just so other pet owners don't feel left out, Facebook also offers Catbook, Horsebook, Fishbook, Birdbook, and more.

We can't wait to use Dogbook to find dog-friendly places to visit when we're on the road. Try it when you travel, too.

And hey--be sure and "friend" Miss Paws on Dogbook! She'd love to friend you back.

More for pets on the go:

MapMyDogWalk:  This iPhone app monitors your pet's walks, jogs, runs, and even diet and calorie usage.

Purina Petometer for iPhone and Petometer for Android: This free app for Droids and iPhones tracks the date, time, and distance of your walks with your best friend. Miss P loves the barking dog alarm, which you can set to go off when the allotted time for your walk is over. We both like the ability to share our walks with our friends on Facebook, as well as the Petometer's built-in calendar, which lets us keep up with Miss Paws' grooming appointments and vet visits.

Dog Park Finder: Looking for an off-leash park? Miss P recommends this iPhone app, from Dog Park USA. It lists over 2700 parks and includes maps and info on hours, fencing, parking fees (if any), and much more. Dog Park USA says it's looking into creating an Android version.

Visit us here on Rover and Out again soon. We'll tell you about more great apps for dogs and the humans they love!

(Image courtesy of Steve-65 (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons)