Published: April 2012
Pet Travel Gear - "Go, Dog, Go"!  

Remember those little books we had in kindergarten and first grade, when we were learning to read? They said things like, "See Spot run."

Today, we're saying, "Go, dog, go!"  There are lots of great travel products out their for dogs and their owners, so there's no reason to leave your best furry friend behind on your next trip. With a harness made especially for your pet, your dog can always go along for the ride.

Recently I found a great combination vehicle harness/walking harness for my doggie, Miss Paws. The Ruff Riders Roadie Canine Vehicle and Safety Training Harness keeps her secure in the passenger seat of our car. (It's not that she's prone to hop around, but you never know when you might have to make a sudden stop, or when your dog sniffs out a dropped French fry between the seats and makes a dive for it, possibly impairing your ability to brake or steer.)

This strong, adjustable harness goes around her chest and fastens at the top of her back. There's a nice, long lead I can grab onto, to make sure she doesn't take off as she enters and exits the car. The lead is also used to attach the harness to a car's built-in seat belt.

We found our Ruff Riders harness for sale on Amazon. Be sure to check out the Amazon Warehouse page for deals, or look on the right side of each product page (we saved about $10, by ordering through the warehouse).  I'm not sure, but I think these items may be distributed through Amazon's warehouse after they've been returned.  At any rate, our harness is absolutely perfect and appeared unused. It came in a clear plastic bag without any box, but that was no problem. Miss Paws is comfortable and happy in her car harness, and I feel better knowing she's secure. The harness still allows her to move around in the  seat, so she can look out the window and stand up or lie down.

Many retailers also carry great pet safety products. Click here to see a variety of seat belts sold by Petsmart. I've even found a dog safety harness at our local Goodwill store for $5. Of course, you should never buy any product that looks worn, damaged, or in any condition that might compromise your dog's safety. Remember, this is about keeping the driver and human passengers safe, too, as pets that wander around in your car, or that are thrown about, can cause serious injuries or worse. So stay safe, and use the best dog car/vehicle harness you can find.

Miss Paws is also trying out some really cute "Doggles," which are UV-protective sun goggles made especially for dogs.  Come back and visit our blog soon, and we'll post a review and pictures!


Lynn and Miss Paws