eno anywhere

Eno anywhere!

The word “Eno” is popping up in conversations more and more. People play in them. People sleep in them. People study in them. People love them. On top of that they weigh just about nothing and fit just about anywhere so people take can them everywhere!

What are we talking about? Eno’s … DoubleNest and SingleNest Hammocks. To make these comfortable hammocks even more popular, they offer them in 50 colors. They weigh just 17 (Single) and 21 (Double) ounces while maintaining a 400lb. capacity. All you need is 2 trees.

We here at SHM-Traveler had several opportunities to “test drive” the DoubleNest Hammock. Aside from the above-mentioned details on the Eno, we were particularly impressed with the material. It is a comfortable woven nylon that we found perfect for warm or cooler days. It breathes well, and still kept our team member warm when she took it for an overnight spin on a camping trip. We also liked the fact that there is no height limitation. There is no stand, so you can hang your Eno as high in the trees as you are comfortable with … our team member didn’t want any four legged creatures to visit her during the night so raised it up to about 7 feet above the ground.

Since they pack down to the size of a grapefruit, you really can take them where ever you go. Our suggestion—since we always say the fun is in the journey—is to keep an Eno in your car so you will be ready on any stop long or short. Two of our team members (students) studied in the Eno. So you see, it can be a relaxing afternoon or an adventurous trip that your Eno enhances.

We say create an Eno bucket list. List all the places or occasions you would like to Eno and get started!! One thing we did not try but do intend to is fishing from an Eno! Stay-tuned, perhaps we will let you know what we catch.

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