Just the Tip of the Apps

Apps when you travel

The free GateGuru app gives users a detailed map of the airport terminal or concourse, along with lots of information about amenities. Users can search for specific things ("Starbucks," "drugstore") or amenities in a certain area ("Gate C17"). Knowing what you can find at the airport, will save you money and time.

Apps for the international traveler

Lonely Planet Offline Translator app is a mobile speech and text translator, available for both Apple and Android mobile devices. Utilizing the improvement in voice recognition technology for smartphones, it also allows travelers to record the phrase or description they want to have translated. It’s available in both audio and text form and no data or roaming charges are incurred. The apps are currently available in Spanish, French, German, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Iraqi Arabic and Tagalog. The current price is $4.99.

A phrase translator, Lingopal, is available on both iPhone and Android devices, contains 44 languages and 25 categories. Translated phrases cover dining, making conversation and travel, for instance, buying train tickets. You can also have audio translations. It costs $9.99.

The free iTranslate app includes translations in Russian, English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Polish and Spanish. Users speak a word or phrase into the phone’s microphone, selecting the language they want to translate from and to. The translation then appears in both text and audio. A basic version of the app is free and is available for both iPhone and Android devices.,

Go Green

It is impossible to bring water past security, so don’t waste $2 for a bottle of water at the gate. Instead, get an environmentally-friendly lightweight aluminum water bottle ( ) which will cost you under $10. Once you're past security, fill your own bottle at the water fountain. You save money and help the earth as well!

Check the web

Don’t forget sites where you can find out more about frequent flyers news, benefits and offers. is a resourceful site with plenty of tips of the best credit card offers, airline deals, freebies, sweeptakes and everything related to air travel. You can also sign up for the Frequent Flier Crier, the site's weekly email newsletter.

Sites for baby boomer travelers that provide interesting travel information and tips are:, and