Published: August 2017
5 Things Not to Miss in Mobile, Alabama  

There is something about Mobile, Alabama puts you in a celebratory mood. The vibrant 300-year-old coastal town is a destination like no other. Where else but in Mobile can you walk among colorful blooms at Bellingrath Gardens, learn about the rich maritime traditions of the area at GulfQuest Maritime Museum or go on a water excursion nearby with WildNative Tours.

Offering attractions on both land and water, there are plenty of ways to experience the destination.

Whether you are spending the night or weekend, here are five things you not to miss while visiting Mobile.

You truly can't appreciate the magnitude of the USS ALABAMA until you're standing the main deck of the World War II battleship. Located off the Causeway, the battleship isn't the only feature of the USS ALABAMA Battleship Memorial Park. You can also tour the USS Drum, the oldest American submarine on display in the world. Be sure to check out the Aviation Pavilion that houses over 25 aircraft and a flight simulator.

The History Museum of Mobile on Royal Street in downtown immerses you in 300 years of Mobile's history. Situated inside the Old City Hall/Southern Market, the museum uses artifacts and interactive exhibits to tell the Port City's numerous stories. Don't miss The Mary Jane Slaton Inge Gallery. Named after a longtime volunteer with the museum, it showcases finer pieces you might come across in gracious homes.

On South Royal Street is The Fort of Colonial Mobile. The partially reconstructed 1724 French fort sits on the site of the original. However, that one took up 11-acres of land, whereas the current one is 4/5 scale. Make your way through the museum that detail the fort's vast history. There's a colonial photo booth, shooting gallery and more. The fort also hosts special events throughout the year.

Mobile was the birthplace of Mardi Gras, and the Mobile Carnival Museum treats you to 300 years of Mardi Gras history. Found on Government Street, the museum is eye-candy for all ages. Discover the many traditions of Mardi Gras that are ingrained in Mobile's society. Explore the 14 gallery rooms showcasing various royal robes, costumes, crowns, scepters and other Mardi Gras-related items. If you aren't impressed by the artistry of robes and costumes, check your pulse.

Look for "painted oysters" around downtown. A part of the Oyster Trail, it's easy to spot the giant fiberglass structures embellished by local artists. Not only are these pieces decorative, but also educational. Each one has a plaque with information about the oyster’s ecological and economic benefit to Mobile Bay.

The trail is also a fun way to explore downtown. While you are out, take a self-guided walking tour of Dauphin Street, stop in A&M Peanut Company or visit local artists galleries.


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