Published: October 2017
Treat Yo' Self: Five Places to Indulge in Sweets  

Life is short; time spent on vacations are even shorter. So, it's okay to indulge while on a getaway. In fact, it's encouraged and expected.

Luckily, the South is home to local bakeries and sweet shops, ready to satisfy every sweet craving you might experience while on the road. Here are five such places to whet your appetite.

And remember, calories don't count when you are away from home having fun; so go ahead and treat yo' self.

The small-batch bakery, Sugaree's Bakery in New Albany, Mississippi, produces plenty of "big" taste with their Southern layer cakes. Buy a slice or two to sample, or if you want to go all in - an entire cake. And the best part is if you crave it weeks later, you can always order one online.

Don't forget to check out the bakery's other treats like brownies, cookies and pies. With all of Sugaree's tasty options, it's impossible to walk out empty-handed.

Home of the season six winners of Food Network's Cupcake Wars, The Sweet Shoppe of the South in Blue Ridge, Georgia is the place to tantalize your taste buds with creative and tasty cupcakes.

Even if they aren't your favorite kind of sweets, it's still worth stopping in to see the various flavors. You'll find other items there, such as brownies and double doozie cookies. You won't be disappointed in anything from The Sweet Shoppe of the South.

La Segunda Central Bakery in Ybor City, Florida may be known for its Cuban bread, but the bakery also "dishes" up some mouth-watering treats.

Ponder over important questions such as should I choose the guava turnover or flan cup, or do I want an apple square or a walnut brownie? Just say "yes" to all. Truth is you can't go wrong with anything from this bakery.

If you are in need of a sweet fix when you're in Boone, North Carolina, head to Stick Boy Bread Company and straight to the pastries.

Indulge in a sticky bun, cinnamon roll or muffin. If you can't decide or want more to enjoy, Stick Boy has cookies and scones, too. For something different, check out their smoothies. Satisfy your sweet tooth with either a chocolate covered strawberry or peaches and cream mix.

From jelly-filled to sprinkles, doughnuts are the specialty of Blackbird Bakery in Bristol, Virginia. Order one, two or a dozen; try different flavors or stick with your usual. Whichever way choose, you won't regret it.

But, wait, there's more.

Blackbird Bakery is one of those places where nearly every type of sweet lover will find something for them. Not only do they have brownies, truffles, fritters and more, but also eight flavors of ice cream. If you don't find anything at the bakery, you didn't try hard enough.


photos: personal collection