Published: February 2012
Curious Heart Emporium, Nashville, TN  

Located in a quaint 1940’s neighborhood of Nashville, Tennessee is a unique store that you won’t want to miss on your next trip there.  The Curious Heart Emporium is owned by Kathy Corley, and she opened her store in 1998.  When one enters the store you are invited by the warmth of the wood floors, the upbeat sound of 1950’s and 1960’s music and a vast array of inventory.

Kathy travels many times throughout the year to restock her inventory and loves finding the unique to keep her customers coming back for more.  The Curious Emporium carries the line of Krinkles by Patience Brewster. This line is a whimsical take of Christmas ornaments and nativity scenes that are to be passed down generation to generation.  Over the holidays the nativity set was a number one seller for Kathy.

For the baby, the Curious Emporium carries the Mysterio line.  Mysterio is a company that produces t-shirts that “predict” what the baby’s future career will be.  The t-shirts are sealed in a package so the purchaser has no way of knowing what the prospected career may be.  Kathy tells her customers to feel their way through the pile to choose the right one for their baby or their friends.  It is a fun way to play fortune teller.  Some of the careers include criminal mastermind, donut tycoon or romance novelist.  There is even a forty year money back guarantee if the baby does not become the career on the shirt. The recipients of the gifts love the surprise of the prediction; it is an entertaining way to welcome the newborn into the world and will surely be a conversation starter at your next baby shower.

In addition to Krinkles and Mysterio, The Curious Emporium has a variety of other items to choose from.  There are hundreds of different greeting cards, Michele Allen clocks, Sugarboo designs, and the resurfaced classic clock of cats with their moving eyes and tails to help us keep time.  The Curious Emporium also offers a wide variety of jewelry and crafts to choose from and uses local artists to fill in its inventory.

The Curious Emporium is located at 2832 Bransford Ave., Nashville, TN 37204.  The hours of operation are Monday thru Saturday 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM and Sunday 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM. Be sure to visit their website at