Published: February 2010
Nothing Fishy about Fred's  

by Catherine Maddox

When one winter vacations to Beech Mountain, North Carolina they expect to see mountains, snow, skis and tourists. Beech Mountain, North Carolina is in the Southern Appalachian Highlands between Boone, North Carolina and Roan Mountain, Tennessee. The town itself is located in the Northwestern part of North Carolina near the North Carolina Ė Tennessee state line. During the year there are approximately 450 residents on Beech. During ski season the numbers swell to 10,000+. Skiing is a huge past time for Beech, but there is a lot more to enjoy on this mountain. While we were visiting our friends on Beech we were introduced to Fredís General Mercantile.

The crunch of the wintry graveled driveway is one of the sounds that greet you. The other is people stomping their boots on the steps of the front porch. Upon entering folks are greeted by the sights of pop art items with ďFredís General Mercantile. If We Donít Have ItÖ You Donít Need It!Ē stamped on them. As you delve deeper into this eclectic cornucopia store one will find all sorts of provisions for their stay. Homemade Vidalia pepper sauce? A new toy for a child that was good for the car ride over? A puzzle to complete by the fire after a morning ski run? Fredís also has an excellent line of bird feeders and other locally made items.

To add to the nostalgia of Fredís is the simplicity of it all. As stated on the companyís website†, Fredís was established in the late seventies because he could not find a decent priced can of tuna fish. Heck, up until a few years ago, Fred and his wife, Margie lived above the store. Another endearing part of Fredís is the lack of barcodes we have all grown accustomed to. That is because they still hand price everything and manually ring it up.

Remember to check out Beech Mountain all year round. There are all types of festivals, races, family events and the fall leaf metamorphisms are spectacular. the Chamber of Commerce would love to hear from you. When you visit Beech Mountain, North Carolina, make sure to visit Fredís General Mercantile. You will be treated with southern hospitality the way your grandparents were and find everything and anything you may need for a fair price. Or, as Fred would say, you donít need it!