Published: July 2010
One Green Street in Houston Texas | Organic Shopping Full Circle  

One Green Street in Houston Texas

Organic Shopping Full Circle

by Catherine L. Maddox

When I caught wind of One Green Street—An Organic Life Style Destination Boutique, I had to check it out. Sherry Eichberger opened her store in January 2010. When Sherry talks about it, you can feel her passion about living organically. Ten years ago, Sherry lost two friends in their 30s to leukemia. This tragedy got her thinking, “This is not normal. Something in our environment must be causing this.” So, after a career in banking and motherhood, this soon-to-be empty nester decided to put her 10 years of research on healthful organic living to work and give back to her community.

We hear a lot about what we consume having hormones and chemicals, but Sherry took it a step further and found that our clothing, perfume, makeup, bedding, paint, etc., are doused in chemicals. All of these harmful chemicals are being absorbed into our bodies and may be causing illnesses.

One Green Street is your one-stop shop for eco-friendly living. The shop is arranged into quadrants. The Whole Body offers unisex skin, hair, makeup, perfume, aromatherapy and even pet care. In Full Circle Fashion, one will find organic clothing. This clothing is made from organic cotton and wool, recycled polyester and up-cycled clothes.

“Up-cycled?” I asked.

Sherry told me that up-cycling, in the fashion world, is when someone takes an existing garment and embellishes it with either more cloth or something else of interest to make it new again.

Then there is the Healthy Home quadrant. In this department, one can find Natura World products. This 15-year-old company is committed to producing organic sleepwear. Check this stuff out, people! Dust mites—need I say more? The Healthy Home section also has laundry detergent, dryer sheets, towels and linens. However, the most unique item is the EcoSmart Fireplace. This fireplace runs on completely renewable fuel made from sugarcane and corn called denatured ethanol. This fuel burns clean and allows these soot-free fireplaces the portability to be moved from place to place.

Finally, the most intimate part of One Green Street is The Gathering Place. In this part of the store, you can find a mixture of items for your home or yourself. The Gathering Place is where people come to hang out, exchange ideas, knit or meet for the magazine mixer or other organized socials. Sherry has many great ideas for bringing the community together in an environmentally smart way.

Coming full circle, Sherry believes in giving back to her community and is active in the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. One Green Street has hosted events donating 20 percent of all sales to LLS. Sherry is so committed to research findings that she is Houston’s first retail store to reach Gold LEED certification.

When you are in Houston, be sure to visit One Green Street at 5160 Buffalo Speedway. No worries if you can’t walk into the store. There is always the Internet ( This boutique is truly an enlightening experience you don’t want to miss.