Published: November 2010
High NOOOOOON in Irmo, South Carolina  

by Catherine L. Maddox

One very hot day in August, I drove up to retail shop High Noon to be greeted by a sign every Southern football lover would love to see: “Come meet George Rogers this Saturday!”

“How exciting,” I thought, “Shopping, football and history all in one location.”

When I entered High Noon, some Dave Matthews music was playing in the background and two sisters were working in tandem with their customers. Here was true Southern Hospitality Charm, I thought.

A young couple was shopping for a wedding present that could be personalized. Another customer was looking for a hospitality gift for a bird-loving family that was hosting a purple martin roosting party. What would one get for that, you might ask. Well, High Noon has serving trays made out of recycled marine boards with tie downs for handles. There are also purple martin printed or painted items by local artists and, of course, T-shirts.

Like its location and its story, The High Noon offers an eclectic array of items. The day I visited, the store had all sorts of baby items for sale that brought up old memories for me by way of tooth fairy pillows and sock monkeys as well as natural items for wee ones of organically conscious parents.

The adult in me drooled over the house wares that included etched glasses, beeswax candles and holders, local artists’ paintings, metal art pieces and handmade jewelry. I had a pleasant time taking it all in. When owner Angie Rhame finally got a moment to chat with me, we talked about High Noon and how she came up with the name.

When Angie started working in the building that now houses High Noon, it was 1981 and the store owner was the father of famed television persona Leeza Gibbons of Entertainment Tonight. When the opportunity came for Angie to expand into the entire old post office located just off of the train tracks, she knew she had to come up with a good name. Inspiration struck as they were cleaning out the store.

A train went by and Angie said, “Well, it must be high noon” since that was the time the train came by every day and blew its horn. Consequently, a great name was given to a truly eclectic store the day it was born in Irmo, S.C.

The next time you find yourself in Columbia, S.C., drive about 10 miles northwest and check out this treasure called High Noon. You will surely find something to purchase for yourself, your family and/or a friend.

High Noon

1300 Dutch Fork Road

Irmo, SC 29063