Published: June 2011
Lofty Pursuits – A Tallahassee, Florida, Soda Fountain and Toy Store  

When I entered Lofty Pursuits I was greeted by a long aisle of toys and games that are available for purchase. Anything from Haba books to juggling equipment. There are chemistry sets, box kites and 3-D puzzles. Serious chess sets, dominoes and checker sets are available for purchase as well.  In between the many toys and games tables are set up so patrons may sit and play games or enjoy an ice cream from their expansive inventory.

Greg, the owner, started this store 18 years ago as an amateur juggler where he found a niche for making his own equipment and selling it. This morphed into the art of making yo-yos, and he runs an annual yo-yo competition. Greg prides himself of bringing back the art of lost era skills. In addition to the homemade ice cream from Tampa almost all their toppings are made from scratch. . Greg also has a rare mobile soda fountain. With this cart Greg can go to parties or local events to promote his soda fountain and store.

Lofty Pursuits expanded in January from a toy store to the soda fountain. The store boasts Egg Creams, Black and Whites, Ginger Yips, homemade shakes and ice cream sodas.  All of them are served out of environmentally friendly and era appropriate glass containers. “It adds to the authenticity of what we are trying to do here,” Wes tells me.  Wes spent quite a bit of time educating me on their homemade and handcrafted candy making process. The candy is about a half an inch in diameter with inlays of pictures. This lost art is all spun out on the 130 year old candy making table.  The expansion also includes a place to host birthday parties.

When browsing through the store, seeing the windup toys and beanie babies allowed me to reminisce about my own childhood.  A serious dart player can become well equipped at Lofty Pursuits with the selection of dart boards and darts. Another interesting item they had for sale there were uni-cycles. Ever ride one?

All in all Lofty Pursuits had something for everyone, and there is a “throw back to the past” that makes everyone feel nostalgic upon entering and leaving with their belly full of ice cream.  Check them out at or the next time you are in Tallahassee.